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Sheri Poe - Sexual Assualt Recovery Coach

After being violently raped as a college freshman, and further suffering from victim blaming, I became a silent sufferer of depression, PTSD, and bulimia.  I began to heal, decades later, through therapy, meditation, sharing with loved ones, and publicly telling my story.

For the last 23 years I have been speaking on college campuses nationwide to inspire survivors that sexual assault is never, ever their fault and they are not alone. I am a Domestic Violence Certified Mentor, on the Board of Directors at the Sojourn House and an advisor with, a survivor sharing platform.

I continue to share my story as an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, advocate, and coach for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. I encourage survivors to speak up, and get the support they need, so that they too can begin the healing journey, and someday thrive.



Coaching is an action oriented, critical step in the healing process that creates behavioral changes through accountability and goal setting actions. This process empowers you to take charge of your healing in a way you may not get in the therapeutic process. If you have already been in therapy or are currently undergoing therapy working with a coach can be immeasurably helpful in supporting your recovery and helping to create the life you envision for yourself.

A coach comes alongside their client to provide information, examine potential decisions, and brainstorm.  They are there to inspire, encourage, and guide you. When you embark on a coaching relationship you get access to support that you do not normally get through therapy. A coach is available to you via skype, text, or phone,  when when you have questions or to want to check in, need support, encouragement or to feel heard.

On our journey together we will:


  • Uncover the number one belief that keeps you from letting go of the pain of victimization and moving on with your life

  • Identify your doubts and fears that keep you from living your vision and becoming a thriver

  • Create a vision of the person you want to be when you undo your negative beliefs and  break free from the pain of abuse

  • Learn behaviors that will help you move from feeling hopeless and broken to finally feeling empowered  and free

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‘There is not one path,

There is not the right path,

There is only your path.’

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